Stop Out Malaria Initiative Kaffrine

When I first arrive in village I conducted a malaria bed net baseline survey and found out how many people have and use nets and where they got them. In July 2012 I participated in the Africa wide Stop Out Malaria Initiative’s Mini-Malaria Boot Camp held in the Kaffrine region. There I was linked with other volunteers interested in Malaria prevention projects and provided with the tools and knowledge to carry them out.
In March 2013 myself and two other volunteers will be setting up a Community Outreach Booth at the busy Birkilane market in order to talk to all interested community members about the importance of malaria net usage and repair. We will demonstrate repair and improvement modifications any one can make to their nets. This will be an open forum for conversation with a large portion of the community on the dangers of malaria and various prevention methods. We will be integrating effective visual aids.

I have had one-on-one conversations at each household in my village utilizing Stomp Out Malaria visual aid cards which helped to get people thinking about malaria and the way it effects their lives. 

                                       Kaffrine Volunteers Plan Malaria Prevention Activities

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