Seed Storage Experimentation

Experimentation Materials
In order to test the effectiveness of bleach or vinegar seed treatments as compared to no treatment, a pesticide treatment and a technique using sand and ash I am conducting a standardized experiment. I have determined the germination rate of corn and bean (as these are the most susceptible to insect attack) seed returned to me in October 2012, and I will compare it to the germination rate of seed under those various treatments just before next rainy season begins in June 2013. I will include a full report when the data is ascertained. While the pesticide treatment is affordable and effective, I find value in determining the possibility of a locally available, potentially safer and cheaper option to farmers.
Bean Seed Arranged on a Cloth for Germination Testing 11/14/2012
Germination Testing of newly harvested bean Seed

Drying Seed After Bleach Treatment (finally found a use for that Peace Corps Newsletter)

All samples created. These will be stored until June 2013 and then germination tested to determine the effectiveness of each treatment by comparing it to the germination rate of the freshly harvested seed

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