Earthworks/Erosion Control Training Tour

Digging a Berm and swale in a Field Setting
Kaolack Region Earthworks Water Harvesting and Erosion Control Training of Trainers Tour

This training took place Januray 22th-28th at three sites in the Kaolack and Kaffrine regions of Senegal. My involvement was from the idea inception of holding such a training in this area (inspired by a similiar training held in the Kolda region) to execution and follow-up. During the tour 4 volunteers, two staff members, and 7 work partners travelled from site to site implementing earthoworks soft-scaping technologies for erosion control and water harvesting in three different agircultural settings; garden, orchard, and field. These work partners learned the techniques through repetition and practice and will return to their communities as knowledegable trainers of these skills. 
  A full case study I co-wrote can be found at
I have also created an On-Demand training guide which includes a sample budget, schedule, and project guildelines for future volunteers who are implementing this same training tour.
Boomerang  Berms and Terracing in an Orchard Setting created during the tour

Contour Berm in a field
Myself and work partners practicing Using the A-Frame Levelling tool in a garden setting

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